Frequently Asked Questions


Lesson Make-Up Policy

Absences & Makeups

For private lessons, students are allowed two (2) excused absences for the semester. Excused absences include student illness, death in the family, or rescheduling for any reason. Teachers must be notified of a student's excused absence 24 hours in advance. No more than 2 excused absences will be rescheduled in a term.

Teachers are not required to schedule make-up lessons for unexcused absences, which include student no-shows, notifying the teacher on the day of the missed lesson, school or sports events, or vacations.


TMA follows the Homewood City Schools in regard to closings or early dismissals due to severe weather. However, instead of that lesson being a loss to the student, we will add a potential “lesson Make-up days” to the end of each semester as a built-in option for making up absences due to weather. Teachers will be required to offer a make-up for a maximum of one weather closure absence.

End-of-Session Recitals

TMA invites all enrolled students to participate in our end-of-semester recitals, showcases, or art shows, regardless of experience level. In December and May, we host piano recitals, a mixed instrumental recital, and voice recital. There is no additional cost to participate in end-of-session performances except for accompanist fees.  Fall recital will take place on December 4, 2021 and Spring recital will be on May 7, 2022.